Reduce fever ASAP with these 5 home remedies

Fever is extremely common in the monsoon season, but it’s not always possible to reach out to a doctor. Fret not! We have your back. Here are quick home remedies to reduce fever at home.

Common cold, cough, viral fever – the rainy season brings a whole set of health complications. As soon as the weather changes, fever becomes a literal pain to deal with. They are the body’s early signs to combat viral infection. Due to this, the body temperature tends to rise. Honestly, it can feel quite uncomfortable, and there can be times when you are not able to visit the doctor or get proper antiviral medications on time. In such a situation, one can always rely on home remedies.

Home remedies are not always permanent solutions to health problems, but they can help you control it. We suggest you reach out to the doctor for due consultation. But you can also try 5 home remedies to help you reduce fever instantly at home.

Here are five ways to reduce fever at home instantly:

1. Use cold bandages

Keeping cold bandages is the most effective and quick way to reduce fever. Placing a cool, wet cloth or sponge on your forehead and the back of your neck can help reduce fever quickly. Keep a wet cloth in those places which produce more heat. These include feet, forehead, armpits, palms and neck. If you follow this method for just 5 minutes, your fever will subside.

2. Stay hydrated

An effective way to reduce fever is to keep the body hydrated. Drinking enough water eliminates half of the body’s toxins as water detoxifies the body and clears the infection.

Viral fever makes your body heat up more than usual. This causes your body to sweat and cool down. But it can lead to dehydration. Therefore, try to drink enough water so that the lost fluid can be replenished.

3. Keep the atmosphere cool

Keeping the room temperature slightly cooler will help your body to cool down immediately. So, if your child is suffering from fever, you can turn on the AC for a while, covering your child with a light sheet or blanket. This will help them to feel much better and can help them sleep as well.

4. Wear light clothing

Wear light clothing as it keeps the body cool. Too many clothes can trap the heat which can make you uncomfortable. Additionally, keep that heavy blanket aside and just cover yourself with a light sheet. Warm blankets can also raise body temperature, even if we are not sick.

5. Rest

If you feel feverish, just put a pause to whatever work you are doing because all you need is rest. During fever, your body is fighting a virus or infection. Indulging in more activity will generate heat from the body. So give rest to the body.

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